Liner Notes·April 5, 2024

Activity from artists and labels you follow

Record Club screenshot

Your activity feed contains (almost) everything the users you follow do on Record Club. But what about artists and labels that you follow?

Not only notifications

Previously, the only "benefit" to following artists and/or labels was being notified when they released new music. And of course showing everyone you're a fan of them.

Directly in your activity feed

Today, we're rolling out a feature that will show all new releases by artists and labels that you follow directly in your own activity feed, right next to the activity from the users you already follow. You can of course filter specifically by the new "New releases" type, just like any other activity type.


Please note that this only applies to future activities. So you won't be able to, let's say, follow Radiohead, and scroll all the way back in time to when they released their debut album.

It's also only available in your Following activity feed, and not the Everyone feed, to avoid cluttering everything up.


Thanks to Record Club user Daniel for the suggestion.

As always, please reach out if you've discovered a bug or if you have any feedback.